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We have launched a fundraiser to help victims of the war in Ukraine. Payments should be made to:

Name: Fundacja Inter Cars
Addres: ul. Zgrupowania AK „Kampinos” 15, Wieża B 
Transfer title: Darowizna „Wsparcie dla Ukrainy”
Account number for donations: PLN: 34 1140 0039 0000 4739 8600 1001
                                                           EUR: 07 1140 0039 0000 4739 8600 1002
  For a PLN account: PL 34 1140 0039 0000 4739 8600 1001
             For a EUR account: PL 07 1140 0039 0000 4739 8600 1002


The Inter Cars Foundation was established in May 2021, as part of the implementation of the sustainable development strategy of Inter Cars S.A. Its mission is to support the development of accessible, safe and responsible mobility, for people and the climate.



Through our proprietary programmes and partnerships with organisations, we export innovations and values which are the basis of Inter Cars' development - passion and involvement, partnership, reliability, loyalty and leadership by example



Areas of activity

Aiming to make a significant and lasting change, the Foundation's team works on programmes created in cooperation and dialogue with experts from the four business areas.


  1. We care for the  competence of the future development, necessary for the society and innovative economy, also in the area of mobility and the automotive industry.
  2. We promote care for the natural environment, particularly in the area of mobility.
  3. We are active in the field of  healthcare, responding to social problems related to mobility.
  4. We support measures to improve road safety.


Development of the future competence

Automation and widespread digitisation affect people, how we learn and our places of work.

We care about development of competence that cannot be automated and that require creativity, social intelligence, reflection and cooperation.

We need knowledge and skills to understand, critically evaluate and use digital technologies.


Care for the natural environment

We provide environmental education, support the protection of air quality and the development of green and intelligent mobility. We support activities that help achieve climate neutrality.


Health protection

Through activities in the area of health care we want to respond to social problems and influence the improvement of the quality of life.

We take a special interest in people with mobility impairments and those injured in road accidents, as well as those suffering from air quality-related illnesses.


Road traffic safety

Safe mobility on the road means efficient vehicles, safe infrastructure and responsible behaviour by all participants of road traffic.

We promote proper attitudes and support the education of children, young people and adults in road safety.


Employee voluntary service

We support the development of Inter Cars employees and co-workers by participating in employee voluntary service. We use their passion and commitment to solve local problems and fulfil the mission of the Inter Cars Foundation.


Areas of our interest within employee voluntary service:

  • competence of the future development;
  • care for the natural environment;
  • health protection and promotion of pro-health attitudes;
  • improvement of road traffic safety;
  • prevention of social and economic exclusion;
  • activities in the field of education;
  • raising awareness of sustainable development
  • popularization of physical culture, sport and recreation;


Forms of voluntary service:

Inter Dobro (Inter Goodness) grant programme

Inter Cars employees voluntarily and individually support an organisation of their choice with their commitment, receiving funds from grants awarded by our Foundation. 


Competence-based voluntary service
 In cooperation with social and educational partners, we organise activities and space where experienced leaders, company and organisation employees, can provide support, transfer knowledge and inspire young people.


Social campaigns
Participation of employees in actions organised both, by the Inter Cars Foundation and by partner organisations - e.g., SzlachetnaPaczka.


Inter Cars Foundation

Zgrupowania AK „Kampinos” 15, Wieża B

01-943 Warszawa

Registration court: District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register

KRS: 0000905242

NIP (Tax identification number): 118-22-25-282

REGON: 389202699




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